Merchant Account Comparison and Reviews

If you are looking for a merchant account provider to accept credit card payments then you will find this merchant account comparison website very useful. We are comparing features of top 3 merchant account providers and review each merchant account in detail.

This comparison and review will help you to decide who is going to be the best match for your business.

This website also includes details and reviews of various types of merchant account providers such as high risk merchant accounts, international merchant account providers and those who have specialized in online merchant accounts.

Merchant Account Comparison Table

In business since 1998 1997 1999 1998
Setup fee (All type of merchant accounts) Free Free Free Free
Rates (per transaction) Retail – 1.75% + $0.25
Internet – 2.25% + $0.30
Mail/Phone – 1.75% + $0.25
Mobile – 1.75% + $0.25
High risk – Vary
Retail – 1.09% + $0.19
Internet – 1.99% + $0.19
Mail/Phone – 1.99% + $0.19
Mobile – 1.09% + $0.19
High risk – start at 2.49%
Retail – 1.59% + $0.25
Internet – 2.19% + $0.25
Mail/Phone – 2.19% + $0.25
Mobile – 1.59% + $0.25
High risk – Vary
Retail – 1.69% + $0.20
Internet – 2.19% + $0.25
Mail/Phone – 2.19% + $0.25
Mobile – 2.19% + $0.60
High risk – Vary
Monthly fees Retail – $10
Internet – $10
Mail/Phone – $10
Mobile – $10
High risk – Vary
Retail – $9.95
Internet – $9.95
Mail/Phone – $9.95
Mobile – $9.95
High risk – Vary
Retail – $10
Internet – $10
Mail/Phone – $10
Mobile – $10
High risk – Vary
Retail – $10
Internet – $10
Mail/Phone – $10
Mobile – $10
High risk – Vary
BBB Rank A+ Not Registered Not Registered A+
Services Retail, Internet/eCommerce,
Mail, Phone, Mobile,
High risk
Retail, Internet/eCommerce,
Mail, Phone, Mobile,
High risk, ACH & check,
Merchant cash advance
Retail, Internet/eCommerce,
Mail, Phone, Mobile,
High risk,
Home based businesses,
Business to Business
Retail, Internet/eCommerce,
Mail, Phone, Mobile,
High risk, Yahoo stores
Customer support hours 24/7 24/7 24/7 24/7
PCI data security compliance? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Offers Virtual Terminal for Key-Entered Sales
Portal with Quickbooks integration
Hypercom T4100 terminal (for retail)
Address Verification Service
Nurit 8020 GPRS Terminal (for wireless)
Free Internet check software
Free shopping cart software
Free credit machine
Hypercom T7Plus terminal
(limited time offer)
Free POS system
Free custom gift cards
Our rating 9/10 8.5/10 8/10 7.5/10
Review Read review  Read review  Read review Read review
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 Secret Tip

If you are running a reliable business I recommend you to submit applications for each account provider. The reason is that these providers bend their back to acquire reliable customers. They may provide special rates and many other unadvertised benefits if you are running a solid business. Submit your application and see what they are going to offer.

Explanation about Compared Features

As you can see in the above table, we have selected various features to compare each merchant account provider. The below is an explanation of each feature.

In business since – When did they start the credit card processing business.

Setup Fee – Some merchant account providers are charging an initial account set-up fee.

Rates/Fees – This is probably the most important feature. This indicates the amount you need to pay per transaction and other monthly fees for credit card processing.

Usually, per transaction fee is a percentage of the transaction amount. Some merchant account providers may charge an additional monthly or yearly fee.

BBB Rank – Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a highly recognized independent consumer protection organization founded in 1912. They gather and archives information it receives about businesses, both locally and nationally. The BBB collect information on business reliability, alert the public to frauds against consumers and businesses, provide information on ethical business practices, and act as mutually trusted intermediaries between consumers and businesses to resolve disputes.

BBB rank businesses using various parameters. You can visit and search information about any business who is accredited with BBB.

Services – There are various types of merchant account services such as Internet credit card processing, retail, wireless and mobile credit card processing etc. Here we compare different merchant account services.

Customer Support Hours – There is a difference between technical support and account support. The type of support you need may vary depending on the products and services you have purchased from the provider. We compare both technical and account support hours under “Customer Support Hours”.

PCI data security compliance – The PCI Security Standards Council ( ) is an open global forum, launched in 2006, that is responsible for the development, management, education, and awareness of the PCI Security Standards, including the Data Security Standard, Payment Application Data Security Standard, and PIN Transaction Security requirements. All merchants of any size accepting credit cards must be in compliance with PCI Security Council standards.

Free Offers – Some merchant account service providers offers attractive free products and services to new clients. Here we compare those free offers.

Our Rating – Apart from comparing the features, we also did a thorough investigation on each credit card processing provider. We used user reviews, consumer discussion forums and few other sources to rate each merchant account.

Review – Detailed review of the merchant account.

Website – Official website of the merchant account provider. This is where you can read more details about them and submit your application for a merchant account.


Before selecting a merchant account…

The above merchant account comparison is a guideline only. You must match the features with your line of business to select a credit card processor for your business.

For an example, if you are running a retail business with POS terminals you should consider a merchant account service with strong retails business support. Perhaps they may have POS terminals and software to support your business. You can get the whole thing and may be able to negotiate a better rate.

Merchant Account Approval process

Merchant account providers follow a strict approval process. They are taking a huge financial risk by processing your client’s credit card. Your applications will be assessed against various factors. Following are most commonly used factors.

  1. Owner or officer’s personal credit score
  2. Method of acceptance (swiped or keyed)
  3. Products or services sold
  4. Requested monthly volume and average ticket
  5. Business longevity
  6. Business financials
  7. Return & refund policies
  8. Chargeback history (if currently processing)


What is a Merchant Account?

A merchant account is an agreement between you and the credit card processing provider, giving you the ability to accept credit cards. The provider is liable for every dollar that you are funded. In exchange for the liability and service, they charge fees to cover their cost. Visit what is a merchant account page to read more on basics of merchant accounts.

Next Step

Your next step is to submit an application to each account provider and see whether they are going to offer you any special rates and other benefits. Visit their websites (links in the comparison table) and start submitting your application.

Alternatively, visit the top of this merchant account comparison website read other useful articles. The list of articles is available on the menu bar.